The Super Pastel Ball Python is a beautiful and unique morph of the well-known Ball Python. It is a popular choice for reptile enthusiasts due to its stunning coloration and friendly nature. This morph has been selectively bred to produce an animal that is brightly colored with various shades of yellow, white, and gray. They are relatively easy to care for and make ideal pets for those who are new to reptile keeping. The Super Pastel Ball Python is a great choice for those looking for an attractive and docile snake that won’t require too much care.A Super Pastel Ball Python is a morph of the Ball Python, which is a species of nonvenomous constrictor snake found in western and central Africa. Super Pastel Ball Pythons have a unique coloration featuring light yellow and pastel tones which make them highly desirable among reptile enthusiasts. Their diet consists of mice, rats, and other small animals.

Super Pastel Ball Python

The Super Pastel Ball Python is one of the most sought-after morphs in the reptile world. It is a stunningly beautiful snake that has a unique pattern and coloration. The classic Super Pastel Ball Python has a light yellow or cream base color with a white or cream pattern that is highlighted by shades of lavender, pink, and purple. This makes for an incredibly eye-catching snake that many people want to own.

The Super Pastel Ball Python is an extremely popular morph, due to its striking colors and incredible patterns. They are also quite hardy snakes and can adapt to different conditions. This makes them ideal for first-time snake owners, as they can adjust quickly to their new home without too much difficulty. They are also relatively low-maintenance, so even those who don’t have much experience with snakes can care for them easily.

In terms of size, Super Pastel Ball Pythons typically reach lengths of between 4 and 6 feet when fully grown. They are also quite docile and make great pets for those who want an easy-to-care-for reptile companion. These snakes prefer cooler temperatures than other species of pythons, so it’s important to provide them with consistent temperature control in their enclosure.

Overall, the Super Pastel Ball Python is an incredibly attractive snake that makes a great pet for both experienced owners and beginners alike. Its unique colors and patterns make it an eye-catching addition to any home or collection. With proper care, these snakes can live long healthy lives and provide years of enjoyment!

Where Can Super Pastel Ball Python Be Found?

The Super Pastel Ball Python is a hybrid snake that was created by combining the two existing morphs, the Pastel and the Pinstripe. Originating in Africa, this snake is now widely available in pet stores, reptile shows, and online retailers throughout the world. The Super Pastel Ball Python is a unique morph that has a light yellow base color with darker shades of orange, brown and black. It has an iridescent sheen that makes it stand out from other ball pythons.

This type of python is relatively hardy and easy to care for, making it a popular choice for new keepers. It typically reaches an adult length of around 4-5 feet and will live an average of 20-30 years in captivity. Its diet consists mostly of mice or rats depending on its size and growth rate.

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The Super Pastel Ball Python is a great choice for anyone looking for an interesting pet snake. With its striking colors and friendly demeanor, it can easily become a family favorite! It’s important to research this morph before purchasing one to make sure you are getting the healthiest specimen possible. Additionally, it’s always best to buy from reputable breeders or dealers so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Overall, the Super Pastel Ball Python is a beautiful morph that makes a great companion for any reptile enthusiast! With proper care and handling they can live long lives in captivity while providing years of joy to their keepers.


Super Pastel Ball Pythons require a secure enclosure with adequate ventilation. A 20-gallon tank is suitable for a juvenile snake, while an adult may need an enclosure of up to 40 gallons. The enclosure should also have a substrate such as aspen shavings, newspaper, or paper towels that can be changed weekly. Provide your snake with places to hide and branches for climbing. Make sure the temperature in the enclosure is between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and can drop to 65-70 degrees at night. A heat lamp or heating pad should be used to maintain these temperatures. Humidity should also be kept at 40-50%.


Super Pastel Ball Pythons are carnivores and should be fed mice or rats that are appropriate in size relative to the snake’s size. Feed your snake one meal every 5-7 days and remove any uneaten food after 24 hours. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health problems.


Handle your Super Pastel Ball Python as little as possible because they do not usually enjoy being handled for extended periods of time. If you do handle them, ensure that you have washed your hands thoroughly and use proper support when picking them up from below their midsection. Never grab a ball python by its tail.


It is important to monitor your Super Pastel Ball Python’s health regularly by observing its behavior and physical appearance. Look for signs of mites or parasites, check for any swelling around their eyes or mouth, and watch out for changes in appetite or behavior that may indicate an underlying health issue.


The enclosure should be cleaned regularly with soap and water when necessary. When changing the substrate, remove all old soiled material from the cage before adding fresh material. Replace any water dishes daily to ensure your Super Pastel Ball Python always has access to fresh water.

Super Pastel Ball Python Food Requirements

Feeding a Super Pastel Ball Python is not complicated. They are usually fed a diet of mice or rats, depending on their size. When they are young, they should be fed small mice every 5-7 days. As they get older, they can be fed larger mice every 7-10 days. It is important to only feed them one mouse at a time, as too much food can make them sick or obese.

It is also important to monitor the size of the prey that is being offered to the python. If the prey is too large for the snake to consume in one feeding, then it should be cut into smaller pieces before feeding. This will help to avoid regurgitation and other digestive issues. It is also important to monitor the number of feedings per month, as overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health problems.

The Super Pastel Ball Python may also benefit from being offered frozen/thawed prey items once or twice per month. This can help provide variety in their diet and make their meals more interesting and nutritious. When offering frozen/thawed prey items, make sure that they are fully thawed before feeding them to your python.

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When choosing food for your Super Pastel Ball Python, it is important to find high quality sources with no added preservatives or dyes. This will ensure that your snake receives all of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health and growth.

Overall, with proper diet and care, your Super Pastel Ball Python will be healthy and happy for many years to come!

The Temperament of a Super Pastel Ball Python

The Super Pastel Ball Python is a relatively calm, docile snake that is usually easy to handle. It has an overall gentle disposition and can become quite used to being handled if done correctly. They are not known to be aggressive and rarely bite, but they may strike out if startled or provoked.

Unlike some other species of snake, the Super Pastel Ball Python is not particularly active during the day. Instead, they are more likely to be found resting in their enclosure during the day and more active at night. This means that they are best suited for those who have a flexible schedule and can spend time with them in the evening when they are most active.

The Super Pastel Ball Python is also known for its intelligence; they can learn to recognize their owners and may even take food from their hands. While this can make them seem friendly, it is important to remember that snakes are still wild animals and should be treated with respect at all times.

In general, the temperament of a Super Pastel Ball Python makes them an ideal pet for first-time snake owners or experienced enthusiasts alike. As long as you provide them with a suitable enclosure and handle them correctly, you should enjoy many years of companionship with your pet snake.

How to Breed a Super Pastel Ball Python

Breeding Super Pastels is not easy, and requires patience and know-how. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a successful Super Pastel, but the rewards can be great. Here are some tips on how to breed a Super Pastel Ball Python:

The first step in breeding Super Pastels is to choose the right pair of snakes. They should be of equal size and health, and both should be proven producers of normal Ball Pythons. They should also have similar coloration. This will ensure that the offspring will have the desired coloration.

Once you have chosen your pair, it is important to prepare them for breeding. This includes providing them with ample heating, hiding places, and feeding them regularly. It is also important to monitor their health throughout the entire process.

Once the female has been bred by the male, it is important to wait for the eggs to hatch. When they do, check each egg for signs of fertility and make sure that they are healthy. If there are any issues with any of the eggs, they should be removed immediately.

Once the eggs have successfully hatched, it is time to incubate them. The temperature and humidity levels need to be carefully monitored during this process as well as ensuring that they are kept in a clean environment free from contaminants.

When it comes time for the young snakes to shed their skin for the first time, you will need to monitor them closely during this process as well. After this is complete, you can begin looking for signs of their coloration changing from their normal pattern into that of a Super Pastel.

Once you have successfully bred your Super Pastels, it is important to keep them happy and healthy so that they can continue producing more pastel babies in future generations! Providing them with ample food sources and hides will help ensure that they remain healthy and active throughout their lives.<

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Common Health Issues with a Super Pastel Ball Python

Super Pastel Ball Pythons are a subspecies of the python family, and they are popular among reptile hobbyists. However, they can be prone to certain health issues due to their sensitive nature. It is important to have an understanding of these issues so that you can be prepared when they arise. Common health issues with Super Pastel Ball Pythons include respiratory infections, mouth rot, parasites, and mites.

Respiratory infections are one of the most common health issues for Super Pastel Ball Pythons and can be caused by a variety of factors such as low humidity levels or an unclean environment. Symptoms may include wheezing, bubbling noises from the mouth and nose, lethargy, lack of appetite, and open-mouth breathing. If left untreated, an infection can lead to pneumonia or even death. It is important to keep the enclosure humidified as well as clean in order to prevent respiratory infections from occurring.

Mouth rot is another common issue for Super Pastel Ball Pythons and is caused by bacteria that infects the mouth area. Symptoms may include swelling in the mouth area, discharge from the mouth or nose, loss of appetite, lethargy, and difficulty breathing. Treatment usually involves antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian and careful monitoring of the condition until it resolves itself.

Parasites such as tapeworms or roundworms can also be a problem for Super Pastels if left untreated. Symptoms may include vomiting, weight loss or poor growth rate due to lack of nutrition absorption by the body. Treatment usually involves deworming medications prescribed by a veterinarian and regular fecal tests in order to monitor progress and detect any new infestations.

Mites are another common issue with Super Pastels that can cause irritation and inflammation around the eyes and face area due to their bites. These mites can often be seen crawling around on your pet’s skin but if left unchecked they can lead to more serious skin infections which require medical attention from a veterinarian. Treatments for mite infestations usually involve using topical anti-parasitic medications prescribed by a vet as well as regular cleaning of the enclosure in order to prevent re-infestation from occurring again in the future.

Overall it is important to pay close attention to your pet’s health in order to catch any potential problems early on before they become serious or life threatening illnesses or conditions. Regular vet checkups should also be performed in order to monitor your pet’s health on a regular basis so that any potential issues are caught quickly before they become worse over time.


The Super Pastel Ball Python is an attractive and unique morph of this beloved species of python. This morph offers a stunning array of patterns and colors that capture the eye and make it a great choice for those looking for something a bit different. As with all pythons, the Super Pastel Ball also requires attentive care to ensure its long-term health. But with the right enclosure and care, they can provide many years of enjoyment to their owners.

The Super Pastel Ball Python is an excellent choice for those wanting to get into the world of snake keeping or those looking to add something a bit different to their collection. With its beautiful colors, interesting pattern, and easy care requirements, this morph is sure to be a great addition to any reptile enthusiast’s collection.

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