The Amphicoelias fragillimus is one of the largest animals that has ever lived. This animal was a herbivore that lived during the Late Jurassic Period. This animal was first discovered in 1878 by Othniel Charles Marsh. The Amphicoelias fragillimus is thought to have been up to 190 feet long and weighed up to 122 metric tons. The Amphicoelias fragillimus is the largest known land animal that has ever lived.

The Amphicoelias fragillimus is an extinct species of sauropod Dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic period. The Amphicoelias fragillimus was one of the largest land animals ever to have existed and is estimated to have been up to 140 feet long and weighed up to 80 tons.

Is Amphicoelias a real dinosaur?

The Amphicoelias fragillimus was one of the largest dinosaurs to ever live. This giant sauropod lived 140 to 160 million years ago during the Jurassic period. Its fossils were found in Colorado.

Grenard explained that the Amphicoelias probably existed a couple of million years after the other dinosaurs that were found there. This is an interesting piece of information, as it helps to better understand the timeline of when different dinosaurs existed. It is also interesting to note that the Amphicoelias is believed to be the largest dinosaur that ever existed, even larger than the Titanosaur. This is truly amazing to think about and just goes to show how little we still know about these creatures.

Is Amphicoelias bigger than blue whale

The largest dinosaur, Amphicoelias fragillimus, was almost twice as long as a blue whale – though, because of its thin neck and tail, it was just 60% the weight. The brontosaurus and diplodocus were both shorter than a blue whale and a tenth the weight!

Cope’s estimate for the size of an M fragillimus femur was based on the assumption that the femur-to-dorsal vertebra ratio seen in other sauropod dinosaurs would hold true for M fragillimus as well. However, recent discoveries of M fragillimus fossils have shown that this ratio does not hold true for this particular species. The tallest M fragillimus femur yet found is only about 10 ft (3 m) tall, which means that the tallest known M fragillimus would have been only about 20 ft (6 m) tall at the hip. This is much smaller than Cope’s estimate of 36 m (12 ft).

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What is the 1 biggest dinosaur?

Argentinosaurus was a gigantic sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period. It is believed to have been the largest land animal that has ever lived, with some estimates suggesting that it may have weighed as much as 100 tonnes. It was first described in 1893 by Argentine palaeontologist Florentino Ameghino.

The Argentinosaurus was the heaviest dinosaur that ever lived, weighing in at an impressive 77 tonnes. That’s the equivalent of 17 African elephants! This massive beast would have been quite a sight to see in person.What is Amphicoelias Fragillimus Animal_1

What dinosaur is as big as a human?

AccordingResearchers published in the journal Science found that the tyrannosaur lineage began small— about the size of a wolf, with some members barely bigger than a turkey. The first fossils of this group date back about 160 million years ago, to the Middle Jurassic period. But it wasn’t until the Late Cretaceous period, 80 million years later, that the giant T. rex and its relatives evolved.

The researchers analyzed the sizes of 31 different tyrannosaurspecies, using estimates based on body length, thighbone length and hip height. They found that the dinosaurs started out small, with an average body size of just over five feet long. But they gradually grew larger over time, until they reached their maximum size in the Late Cretaceous period.

The study provides new evidence that the evolution of dinosaurs was not governed by “maximum body size,” as some scientists have suggested. Instead, the gradual increase in size may have been driven by changes in the environment, such as the availability of prey or the competition from other predators.

Dreadnoughtus schrani is a newly discovered species of dinosaur and the biggest titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur found so far. It is the largest land animal whose body mass can be accurately calculated.

What dinosaur had a big brain

Queue the Jurassic Park theme song, because it seems that we finally have confirmation that at least some dinosaurs were as smart as birds! Studies conducted on the Troodontid skull have revealed that they had brains which were approximately the same size relative to their body as modern birds.

This discovery is pretty unprecedented, as most research has led scientists to believe that dinosaurs were more like reptiles when it came to intelligence and cognition. But the Troodontids seem to defy that notion, and have brought up a lot of questions about just how intelligent these creatures were.

Further studies will need to be conducted in order to really unlock the mysteries of the Troodontid brain, but for now, we can all rest a little bit easier knowing that there might have been at least one dinosaur out there that was as smart as us!

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The Shonisaurus sikanniensis was a giant marine reptile that lived during the late Triassic period, approximately 227 to 237 million years ago. It was 69 feet long, making it the largest animal that could informally be considered a “water dinosaur” in history. The Shonisaurus sikanniensis was a species of ichthyosaur, and it is thought to have had a diet that consisted primarily of fish.

Is A blue whale considered a dinosaur?

blue whales are the largest animals ever known to exist. they are bigger than dinosaurs and even bigger than mastodons! measuring up to almost 100 feet long, blue whales have been weighed at an incredible 191 tons. as members of the baleen family of whale, blue whales’ size is truly prehistoric.

While the Megalodon shark might outweigh the Blue Whale, the Blue Whale is still the larger of the two animals. Measuring up to 100 feet in length, the Blue Whale compared to the 60-70 foot Megalodon is substantially larger. Add in the fact that the Blue Whale weighs 100-110 tons while the Megalodon only weighs 50-70 tons, and it’s clear that the Blue Whale is the larger of the two animals. If these two animals ever fought, there’s no doubt that the Blue Whale would come out victorious.

What is the biggest animal that ever lived

The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived. An adult blue whale can grow to a massive 30m long and weigh more than 180,000kg – that’s about the same as 40 elephants, 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex or 2,670 average-sized men.

This new species of sauropod, named Patagotitan mayorum, was discovered in Argentina and was found to weigh as much as 12 African elephants. This new titanosaur is the largest known dinosaur, and its size is truly amazing. The largest Patagotitan specimen measured 122 feet long and weighed in at69 tons. This new discovery is a true behemoth, and it is sure to continue to fascinate scientists and laypeople alike.

Is there a dinosaur bigger than Argentinosaurus?

Bruhathkayosaurus was a massive dinosaur that may have been even bigger than Argentinosaurus. However, it is only known from a few limb, hip, and tail fossils. These fossils have since disappeared, making it a nearly mythical creature.

Nigersaurus is a genus of diplodocoid sauropod dinosaur that lived in the middle Cretaceous period, about 110 to 100 million years ago. The type species is Nigeraurus taqueti; its only known species is known from units of the Kem Kem Beds Formation in southeastern Morocco.What is Amphicoelias Fragillimus Animal_2

Which dinosaur has 500 teeth

The Nigersaurus is a bizarre dinosaur that was discovered in Africa. This creature had a long neck and a skull that contained up to 500 slender teeth.

In a fight between Giganotosaurus and T-Rex, the Tyrannosaurus would win. The two dinosaurs are pretty similar to one another, but their approaches to fighting would make a world of difference.

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T-Rex would win because it is a more aggressive fighter. It would go for the kill quickly, whereas Giganotosaurus would take a more cautious approach. T-Rex is also better equipped for close range fighting, with its powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Giganotosaurus would have a tougher time getting close to its opponent, and wouldn’t be able to do as much damage even if it did.

What was the biggest baddest dinosaur

The Spinosaurus was the largest predatory (animal-eating) dinosaur to have existed. It was as long as a school bus and as heavy as an elephant. Even bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex, the Spinosaurus was a formidable opponent. Fossils of this dinosaur have been found in Africa, Europe, and North America.

Troodon was a small, raptor-like dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period. It was one of the smartest dinosaurs, with a brain that was proportionally larger than those found in living reptiles. This made it as intelligent as modern birds.

What was the smallest dinosaur

The amber-encased fossil of Oculudentavis khaungraae is the smallest fossil dinosaur ever found. The skull of this peculiar creature was first discovered in 2020 and it is thought to have fluttered around prehistoric Myanmar about 100 million years ago. Although we know very little about this strange little creature, its discovery has provided us with a fascinating glimpse into the distant past.

A Fossil that was found in South Dakota in 1890 and originally named Manospondylus gigas, Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous of all the theropod dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest carnivores that ever lived, with an estimate body mass ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 kg.importantly, Tyrannosaurus rex was not the largest of all the theropod dinosaurs, with some estimates suggesting that Spinosaurus might have been heavier. Nevertheless, Tyrannosaurus rex was still an imposing animal, with a length of up to 12 m and a tail that could measure up to 4 m in length.


Amphicoelias Fragillimus was a large sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period. It was one of the largest land animals that has ever existed, with an estimated length of 140-180 feet (43-55 meters) and a weight of up to 122 metric tons (134 short tons). Despite its size, Amphicoelias was slightly smaller than its close cousin, Diplodocus.

There is not much known about the Amphicoelias Fragillimus animal due to it being extinct. From what researchers can tell, it was a huge sauropod dinosaur that could potentially be the largest land animal to have ever existed. Even though we don’t know much about this giant creature, it’s still fascinating to think about and learn what we can from what little evidence we have.

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