The Black Pastel Ball Python is a beautiful animal that is native to Africa. They are typically black with yellowish brown spots, but some may also be brown or tan. These snakes can grow to be quite large, up to six feet in length! They are interesting creatures that are known to be very docile and easy to care for, making them a popular pet choice for snake enthusiasts.

Black Pastel Ball Python is a non-venomous constrictor snake species found in sub-Saharan Africa. It is the smallest of the African pythons and rarely grows to more than 1.2 m (4 ft) in length. The black pastel ball python is a popular pet snake due to its small size, docile nature, and wide range of color morphs.

How do you get black pastel ball python?

A black pastel is a type of pastel that is made with black pigment. Black pastels are typically used for creating dark or monochromatic artworks.

The black pastel trait is a co-dominant trait, meaning only one black pastel parent is needed to produce offspring. To create the super or homozygous version of this morph, two black pastel snakes must be bred together.

Are black pastel and cinnamon the same

Black Pastels are a separate lineage from Cinnamon, with the same manner of co-dominant inheritance. Black Pastels are high contrast animals, with distinct black background coloration & gold or rust colored patterning.

Pastel ball pythons are a beautiful and unique morph of the wild type ball python. They are easily identified by their vibrant colors and pale green eyes. Some pastels may also have white lips. Pastel ball pythons are a popular choice for snake enthusiasts and make great pets.

How do you tell if your ball python is a pastel?

Pastel ball pythons are much brighter in color than typical ball pythons, and their reduced melanin can cause their pattern to look slightly different too. Snakes that possess two copies of the pastel gene are typically called “super pastels,” and they are much brighter or lighter in color than typical pastels.

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The Pastel is a beautiful and unique Ball Python mutation that is perfect for anyone looking for something a little different. This mutation intensifies the yellow pigmentation to various degrees, giving the snake a beautiful and distinct appearance. High blushing, green or pale eyes, and white lips are also prominent features of this mutation. If you are looking for a snake that is sure to stand out, the Pastel is the perfect choice!What is Black Pastel Ball Python Animal_1

Is black pastel a dominant gene?

The Black Pastel Ball Python is a co-dominant morph, which means that, like a dominant morph, you only need one Black Pastel to produce Black Pastel babies. However, if you breed two Black Pastel together, you will produce Super Black Pastels.

Morphs are the different versions of a gene that can be passed down from parent to offspring. Pastel morphs are co-dominant, meaning that if a parent with one copy of the Pastel gene is paired with a parent with no copies of the Pastel gene, then their offspring will have one copy of the Pastel gene and will be a carrier for the Pastel allele.

What is the best pastel color

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The black pastel ball python is a morph of the python species. It is black with yellow stripes running down its body. The axanthic ball python is a black and white or black and gray morph. Super black pastel ball pythons have even more intense coloration than the other two. In every way, apart from coloration, a black morph looks like any other ball python.

What morphs make a cinnamon ball python?

Cinnamon Ball Pythons are a beautiful and popular morph of the Ball Python. They are created by breeding a Cinnamon with a normal Ball Python. The resulting offspring will be 50% Cinnamon and 50%Normal.

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The best way to get deep, dark shadows is to lay down a layer of black pastel. You can thenwork a bit of color into the black pastel to show whether the shadows are warm or cool. This will give you nicely contrasting darks to emphasize an especially deep area of shadow.

Is a ball python aggressive

Ball pythons aren’t typically aggressive, so they can make good pets. However, it’s important to keep in mind that ball pythons love to coil up into a ball. So, you should never force them out of their coil, or they may act out aggressively.

Ball pythons are not venomous, but they may bite if they feel threatened. Always use caution if you are bitten by a ball python and seek medical attention if necessary. Ball pythons are also known as royal pythons and are generally docile, but they can become aggressive if they feel threatened.

Are pastel ball pythons good pets?

Pastel ball pythons are a highly adaptable species, able to thrive in all types of environments and enclosures, as long as their simple basic necessities are met! These beautiful snakes make for wonderful pets for owners of all levels of experience. They are easy to care for and are very docile, making them a great choice for first-time snake owners. Pastel ball pythons are also relatively small, so they don’t require a large enclosure. If you’re looking for a pet snake that is low-maintenance and gentle, a pastel ball python is a great option!

This is something to keep in mind if you own a snake as a pet. They may be able to recognise you and even form a positive association with you, but they will never view you as a companion in the way that other pets can.What is Black Pastel Ball Python Animal_2

How often do pastel ball pythons eat

It is typically best to ask your snake how often they would like to be fed. However, an adult snake typically will eat every 10 to 14 days. younger snakes should be fed more often since they are still growing. They should be fed at least once a week, or every 5 to 6 days.

Healthy ball pythons can generally survive for long periods of time without food. If your snake is an adult and already has a healthy body weight, it could take months before he starts to experience health problems. A handful of ball pythons have been known to refuse food for more than a year without starving.

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What is the rarest snake color

Blue is definitely not the most common color in the herp world. In fact, it is one of the least common colors. There are far more common colors like brown, black, and green.

The Stranger ball python is a very new morph that is already quite rare. It is distinguishable by its deep black body color and brown upside-down teardrop shapes along the sides. There is also a brown blushing between each teardrop. The most impressive feature of this morph is a bright tan broken stripe that runs down the spine.

What is the coolest snake to own

There are a wide variety of snakes that make great pets, but these 10 are some of the best! Corn snakes are gentle and easy to care for, while still being interesting and lively. California kingsnakes are beautiful and easy to handle. Ball pythons are one of the most popular snake choices, and for good reason – they are calm, docile, and relatively easy to care for. Western hognose snakes are small and calm, making them a great choice for first-time snake owners. Rosy boas are another small and docile species that is easy to care for. Garter snakes are active, fun-loving snakes that make great pets. Milk snakes are beautiful, social creatures that enjoy being handled. Finally, gopher snakes are large and friendly snakes that make great additions to any snake collection!

Morphs are popular among python enthusiasts because they add variation and personality to these already amazing creatures. The five morphs listed above are some of the most popular for sale in-store, each with their own distinct markings and coloring. Pastel royal pythons are a beautiful variation of the common royal python, with more intense yellow pigment. Lesser royal pythons are a beautiful morph with striking Mojave coloration. Piebald royal pythons are a very popular morph due to their unique patterning, and banana royal pythons are a favorite due to their vibrant yellow and black coloring. No matter which morph you choose, you’re sure to add beauty and personality to your snake collection!


A Black Pastel Ball Python is a black python with light colored markings. This snake is a member of the Pythonidae family and is native to Africa.

The Black Pastel Ball Python is a very cool animal! It is very unique in its appearance and is very friendly too!

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